Diet for weight loss
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Eating Healthy

Healthy eating is the foundation to healthy weight. For most people, adopting healthy eating habits coupled with an exercise program can help attain healthy body weight and body fat. This balances the energy intake and expenditure.

To reduce weight you need to cut the calories and increase the amount and duration of exercise.
Dieting alone may not work. Even if you have genetic flaw in your body weight control system, or even if you are taking one of the newer drugs for weight reduction, still diet-exercise forms the sheet anchor of therapy.

Follow Healthy food pyramid

• Your eating habits should contain variety and not a variety of fats.
• Eat a high fiber diet. (More vegetables, sprouted grains, cucumber, fruits etc. instead of protein, fat sugar containing food)
• Limit alcohol intake.
• Reduce animal fat intake.
• Avoid sugary drinks (soft/cold drinks).
• Replace sugar with sugar substitutes for coffee etc.

Responsible and sensible eating

• Don't skip meals (ends up in you eating unhealthy foods).
• Avoid big meals in the evenings/dinner.
• Eat small bites of food chew slowly.
• Avoid other activities like watching television during eating.
• Get all food served at once.
• Use a smaller plate. Tip: Once plate is full, you can return ~25% food back.
• Bake or broil food instead of frying
• Avoid deep fried foods
• Order low-calorie or low-fat foods
• Don't delay meal times if eating out, healthy menus last shorter!
• (food which stays longer in the hotel stays longer in your body too)
• Avoid desserts at the end. Eat fruits instead.
• Weigh yourself regularly and body fat percent once a while.
• Reward yourself with non-food pleasures.

Selective Shopping

• Look for caloric information on labels of food you buy.
• Avoid trans-fats
• Curb the habit of buying junk food at supermarkets.
• Prefer smaller pack sizes of snacks to big/mega/jumbo offers.
• Shop with another family member to keep a check on what you buy.
• Keep a note on the amount of oil/ghee/butter every month.