How diabetes affects your eyes?


To know how diabetes affects your eyes, you need to have a general idea as to how your eyes work. Eyes are globe or ball like structures covered by a tough white outer covering. It has a clear part in the front through which light enters. The light is focused on to the rear portion of the eyes called retina by a lens where the light receptors on sense the light and convey the signals to the brain and you see the image. Right amount of light is allowed inside by a diaphragm called iris.

The retina has a spot of high sensitivity called fovea which is responsible for sharp vision. The retina is nourished by blood vessels behind. The retina is rich in nerves which process the light and transmit the images to the brain.

Inside of the eye ball is filled with a watery liquid in the front portion and a gel like fluid in the rear portion. These help in maintaining the structure, nourishment and function of the eye.

Outside the eyes balls are several muscles attached to it and the eye socket. These muscles are controlled by nerves which move the eye balls.

How diabetes can affect your eyes?

Diabetes can affect various components of the eyes and can cause the following:




Muscle paralysis (palsy)

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